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Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the Upper Back
Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the Upper Back

Lymphatic Drainage Helps you Feel and Look Better!

Lymphatic Drainage shows those cuts!
 Massage Services and Pricing

Available Services: Myofascial Release with Swedish and Deep Tissue, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Relaxation massages are also available.


MLD treats swelling and reduces inflammation in the acute phase of injury or post-surgery, extreme exercise, during pregnancy, general fluid retention, and also relieves inflammation and pain due to chronic stress and arthritis.  Additionally, it boosts the immune system because the action of MLD pushes lymph fluid that contains metabolic waste and toxins out of the tissues of the body and through the lymph vessels to be cleaned by the lymph nodes and then filtered through the blood.  I have been having tremendous results with my MLD clients -  pre- and post-surgery, pregnancy, arthritic, and those needing sinus drainage for colds and headaches!  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Performed Pre- and Post-Surgery, Speeds and Enhances Your Recovery!

Surgical patients can have treatments before surgery to clean out the body tissues and lymph nodes so that the body is clean before the accumulation of blood and swelling that occurs from the surgery.  Once your physician clears you, you can also receive MLD to reduce the swelling, clear the surgical area of debris, resulting in a quicker recovery.  Scarring will also be reduced through MLD to keep excess fluids from crystallizing in the tissues along with friction strokes to keep the scar from adhering to other tissues.

Athletes and Physique Competitors Recover from Extreme Activity and Look Better, Too!

Athletes, especially bodybuilders, create a lot of metabolic waste and an overload of proteins left in the tissues.  This can leave you feeling sluggish, sore, and bloated.  Cleaning the lymphatic system speeds recovery, enhances your immune system and takes away the layer of fluid that hides the definition in your muscles.  If you are preparing for a physique competition, I recommend having MLD at least twice a month, and weekly leading up to your competition.  Pair this with either relaxation massage or myofascial release for problem areas, to increase mobility in your joints.

How Long Are Sessions?

Sessions for a whole body MLD treatment will last about 90 minutes.  Packages can be purchased for 10% off for 6 or more sessions (two weekly sessions).  Discounts can be combined with myofascial or relaxation massages.

You may also choose to have a combination full body massage, with some Manual Lymphatic Drainage on a problem area.  This treatment will require at least 90 minutes ($150).


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

90 Minutes - $150

120 Minutes - $180

Performance Packages:

10% Off (two sessions weekly) - $135 or $162

Advanced Myofascial Massage 

For those having a chronic issue that is not resolved with rest, regular massage, or chiropractic care, this treatmentIS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! Simply put, it causes the myoskeletal nerves to signal the muscles to release and relax! 

75  Minutes - $125

90  Minutes - $150

120 Minutes - $200

PACKAGES of 5 - 10% off; 10 or more - 20% off


Advanced Myofascial Techniques

What is fascia? Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin.

Who could benefit from this therapy? Anyone experiencing limited mobility or nagging pain.

What is fascial release therapy or myofascial release? Fascial release therapies are known to increase tissue flexibility and joint mobility. Massage therapists can help with a technique called Myofascial Release that uses sustained pressure to loosen and lengthen constricted fascia.  Through client awareness and participation, we work together to reeducate the way you move in the affected area. I will use a combination of kneading massage and also deep, static pressure to the constricted areas, allowing the nerve feedback loop to release tension.  Your communication throughout the session is paramount to our success.

To get an idea of what a treatment can look like, click the link:

First Treatment:

Interview and 90 Minute Treatment - $175

Subsequent treatments are standard prices:

75-minute - $125

90-minute - $150

120-minute - $200

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